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Hayley Russell
Artist | Professional | Varied
United Kingdom
Graduate of the University of Huddersfield. Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Animation. Partners in crime with *Granitoons. Talks in disjointed sentences.
I found this on Tumblr (Original link here…) and thought it would be fun to try out. Anyone who wants to have a go, you're free to do so!

  1. A cartoon you remember that nobody else does.

    Bunbury Tails. I’m pretty sure the only people who watched this were me and my brother.

  2. A cartoon you like but nobody else seems to.
    Stressed Eric. I get that the humour isn’t for everyone but it seems like the only reason people hate it is because Mr Enter doesn’t like it. Use your brain, people!

  3. A cartoon you don’t like but everybody else seems to.
    Adventure Time. I was never too crazy about the art style and it always seems like it’s trying too hard to be hip and ‘down with the kids’.

  4. A cartoon you wish would be forgotten.
    The fact that I can’t think of any should say it all. ;)

  5. The worst cartoon you’ve ever seen, and why?
    Toss up between The Nutshack in terms of content and The Problem Solverz because it literally made my eyes hurt.

  6. The worst moment you’ve ever seen happen in a cartoon.
    The bit where a giant gets his toenail ripped off in an episode of Ren and Stimpy.

  7. The worst thing you’ve ever seen happen to a cartoon that ruined it.
    Do the Club Mario segments of the Super Mario Bros Super Show count? Captain Lou and Danny were cheesy but at least they weren’t obnoxious.

  8. A cancelled/forgotten cartoon you would bring back to television.
    The Modifyers. One of the many rumours I heard as to why it wasn’t greenlit was because the main character is a girl.

  9. An animated character you remember but nobody else seems to.
    Hoppity/Mr Bug Goes To Town in general is a largely forgotten movie. If you’re a fan of the Fleischer Bros I recommend it. Also, every UK cartoon character that isn’t Wallace & Gromit or Dangermouse.

  10. An animated character you hate the most, and why?
    Spongebob Squarepants. Even when I was a kid I never understood the appeal of this character. Plus he lead the way for all cartoon protags to be obnoxious manchildren.

  11. A non-animated property you would like to see as a cartoon
    Jeeves and Wooster. Pretty much all the characters are cartoonish exaggerations of real people anyway and the icing on the cake would be animation in a 20’s Art Deco style.

  12. A trope or trend in animation that you dislike.
    - When the female character suddenly decides she’s in love with the male lead despite her treating him like shit throughout the show/movie.

    - The supposed protagonist being a selfish, unlikable dickhead for next to no reason.

    - Shows where all the main characters look like they came from the same mold.

  13. A currently airing cartoon that you know is going to be forgotten about in the future.
    The Emoji Movie. Not a TV show, but I think this will only be brought up in the future to mock the 2010’s.

  14. The best episode of a cartoon you really like.
    Bubblevicious from The Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles was always my fav of the trio so seeing her go all ‘hardcore’ was hilarious to me.

  15. The worst episode of a cartoon you really like.
    That episode of The Simpsons with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. Mainly because they’d keep repeating it over and over and partly because of the celebrity butt-kissing.

  16. A cartoon you feel deserves more recognition than it gets.
    Kirby: Right Back At Ya! It’s a cartoon based on a video game but you don’t have to know everything about the games to understand the show.
    The Cat Returns is often overlooked as it’s a Studio Ghibli film that wasn’t directed by Hayao Miyazaki but I also recommend it if you like whimsical fantasy and cats.

  17. A cartoon you feel deserves less recognition than what it gets.
    Spengbarb Circleshorts

  18. The worst idea you can think of for an animated series.
    Anything that tries to capitalise on recent events/internet memes/pop culture etc. because that stuff gets dated really fast and it's really unimaginative.

  19. At what point did you realize a cartoon, any cartoon was starting to get bad?
    The Powerpuff Girls after Craig McCracken stopped directing and Family Guy after it was brought back from it’s second cancellation.

  20. An experience with a cartoon you thought you were going to like but turned you away from it.
    Most early-mid 2000’s CGI films.

  21. Something you would like to see more than anything in a cartoon.
    Villain 'protagonists'.

  22. What do you feel makes a cartoon forgettable?
    Using stock tropes/plots unironically with no self-awareness.


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